Jamming with Glasses
One of the greatest aspects of music is that it can help people to understand each other without words.
Jamming with Glasses – The joy of making music together

Whether you have a team building, business event or a wedding, Jamming with Glasses is the perfect choice. You will leave with happy memories and a truly wonderful experience.

The process the jamming

Set up time is (depending on the number of glasses) usually between 2-4 hours. The concert lasts 15 minutes (5 songs).

Before the dinner, our staff are greeting the guests with a glass for each participant, filled with a coloured liquid. The liquids come in different colours. Our hostesses will provide a short presentation about the rules of the Jamming.

When the guests are ready, the melody is starting. At the same time the music sheet will appear on the screen with the same colours as the liquids in the glasses.

Following the sheet, the each guest clinks their glass when its colour shows up on the screen, and so the concert begins.

Experience shows that everybody can easily join in and that everybody will enjoy making music together, so we recommend choosing at least three songs to play.

When the concert ends our staff will collect the glasses.

The result is a jointly made, high quality and unique concert, which we are happy to record for you.


1.  Celine Dion: My heart will go on (Titanic)

2.  Beethoven: Ode to joy

3. The Beatles: Yellow submarine

4. The Beatles: Love me do

5.  Abba mix